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If you're suffering from a stiff neck, headache, shoulder pain, or are simply looking to unwind, our therapists are skilled and experienced in pain management as well as stress reduction. We work with athletes preparing for and recovering from competition in addition to clients with a wide range of medical conditions. We offer a variety of styles and techniques including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage and more. Certified, licensed, and insured therapists. Our rates start at $35 for 30 minutes, with discounts for IU and Ivy Tech students, and active military personnel and spouse. Same Day Appointments 7 Days a Week. Open most holidays. Serving the Bloomington area since 1997.

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I was initially skeptical of whether or not I should start seeing a massage therapist. I recently moved to Bloomington from Nashville, TN, where a chiropractor had told me that massage therapy would be the key to resolving the crippling nerve pain that had developed in my back and arms. I'm usually uncomfortable with physical contact, and I've always thought of massages as a luxury item. I'm glad I got over that, because getting massages at Therapeutic has done me a world of good. It's more affordable than I expected, and if I go regularly, the muscles in my back don't knot up around the nerves and cause me problems. Beyond that, Blaine has also helped work out some stuff in my forearms which I had gotten so used to that I had simply adjusted by tuning the pain out. I've been impressed by his intuition about which muscles need to get worked out, and by requesting the same therapist each time, I've grown more comfortable with the physical contact. Lastly, while I started coming here mainly as a kind of alternative medicine, it also feels really good - no wonder some people do this for fun! If anyone is on the fence about getting a massage, I will vouch 100% that this has been a good experience for me and that I'm really glad that I started going to TMB. It's helped with pain that conventional medicine totally failed to resolve and which chiropractic only partly resolved. A+ experience

-- Andrew Monteith