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Customized for you
Session goals may include stress relief, pain relief, recovery, increased mobility, and health management.  Various techniques may be combined during your session to meet all of your specific needs.  Your massage therapist will work with you to meet the goals of the session.  If you are seeking a specific technique or modality of massage please refer to our Technique Descriptions and the name of the MT who specializes in that modality, or let us know when booking to ensure you have the experience that you are seeking. More information also available at our Book Now tab under services. 


All Sessions available as Gift Certificates! 


*For outcall rates for both Chair & Table massage please contact via phone 812-333-4917 or email

Chair Massage.HEIC

Chair Massage


Don't have much time? Pop in for a quick chair massage* Not sure if you'd like massage? This is a quick way to try it out fully clothed.

*10, 15, and 20 minutes sessions, Subject to availability. Call to Book!


30 Minute Massage


Great for a quick tune-up or to address one problem area. The occasional half-hour massage can keep you balanced and keep recurrent issues from getting worse. 

Services available: Reiki, Relaxation, CBD, PreNatal,  and Therapeutic 

Reiki Treatment

45 Minute Massage


A massage long enough to address a few issues of the body, is better for deeper work and the extra 15 minutes make all the difference!

Services available: Reiki, Relaxation, CBD, PreNatal, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone 


60 Minute Massage


Enough time to address the full body head to toe for complete relaxation. Also good for targeting specific problems in a few areas. This is our most popular session. 

Services available: Reiki, Relaxation, CBD, PreNatal, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone 

Shoulder Massage

90 Minute Massage


Enjoy a head-to-toe massage with more time to spend on trouble areas. Most needs can be addressed during this length of time without neglecting other areas of the body.

Services available: CBD, PreNatal, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone 


120 Minute Massage


Our massage therapist will spend 120 minutes soothing, healing, and treating your body head to toe. No rushing, only attentive skillful treatment. 

Services available: CBD, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone 


Couples Massage

Bring a loved one with you! Treat them & yourself! 60 minutes of massage in the same room or separately.  If you would prefer another length of time, simply choose your session type and length, then indicate the # of people and proceed as usual.   


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can help ease discomfort associated with the many changes a woman's pregnant body experiences. The work is gentle, often done in a side-lying position or with the help of pregnancy cushions. A gift certificate for prenatal is a great gift for moms-to-be!

  Can be booked from 30-minute to 90-minute sessions.


Aromatherapy, CBD & Specialty Lotion

Pure grade aromatherapy essential oils can be added to any session to enhance your experience of relaxation, rejuvenation, and pain relief.  

Add CBD lotion or book a CBD session to feel a real difference from chronic problems, and you get to take the extra home if you'd like!

Ask about our Specialty Lotions! 

Reflexology Therapy


Focused attention to the feet by our skilled and experienced reflexologist can bring benefit to all aspects of health through the meridian channels that run throughout the body. 

 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions available

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