Bodyworks Studio 

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ELDOA Stretch & Strengthen

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Eclectic Yoga

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Get your body moving and your spine opened with the stretching and strengthening of ELDOA. This group class will introduce you to the stretches you need for daily at-home practice to transform your posture and reduce pain caused by spinal compression.

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Eclectic Yoga uses a light Hatha flow and explores multiple ways to embody universal energies with yoga. This class includes meditation, breathing techniques, elements, music, chakras, and more.

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You will find the Bodyworks Studio at Suite 122 inside the Fountain Square Mall. This Suite is located above Nat's Cafe, the corner suite next to the Atrium on the main level. 

Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes before the class start time to settle in.


**Please bring your own yoga mat, blocks, straps, etc. We can't guarantee to provide those for each student at this time. **

Wear comfortable yoga/ athletic attire that is easy for you to move freely in.


Due to COVID:

Please plan to wear your mask to and during classes at this time. You will sanitize your hands and sign a waiver upon arrival affirming you have no symptoms of any illness presently or 72 hours before class. 

There is a water bottle refill fountain just down the hallway. And restrooms located near Nat's Cafe downstairs. 

We hope you enjoy your class and look forward to seeing you soon!

Interested in renting our studio for a rehearsal, performance, or private event? Contact us at (812) 333-4917. 

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